Written by team-admin

Heather Halleck

Lisa Garcia has been an invaluable speech therapist for my daughter Ava! When we first started working with Lisa one year ago, Ava was just under 2 years old and speaking 3 to 4 recognizable words. Lisa’s warm personality and playful spirit immediately allowed my slow-to-warm-up, cautious daughter to feel safe and excited for therapy each week. Lisa has an extensive understanding of and education in speech therapy and exemplifies patience, skill, adaptation and optimism when working with Ava. We have seen our daughter gain the confidence and determination to express dialect through sign and verbal language techniques Lisa has taught her. Ava cannot wait to see Lisa every week and it is so encouraging to see Ava blossom in both communication and self-assurance. Lisa is truly talented at what she does and her passion is evident and we are forever grateful for the time she has spent with Ava!