Promoting Language at Meal Time

Mealtime is a highly motivating and social time perfect for promoting speech and language goals! Check out this quick and easy handout for ideas on how to incorporate speech and language strategies while you eat! Language At Meal Time

November Newsletter 2022

November is here and the holidays are upon us! Check out what’s happening this November at Teamwork Therapies! November 2022 Newsletter

Feed the Ghost Activity

As Halloween approaches, here is a fun activity to try at home with your kiddo. One of our amazing early interventionist, Jagruti, created a fun and simple arts and crafts activity using things you might already have at home! This activity can be repurposed and reused for any occasion, not just Halloween. Create any silly […]

October 2022 Newsletter

Happy Fall! Check out this month’s family newsletter to see what’s happening this Fall at Teamwork Therapies! Something new we’re doing to kick off Fall is Themed weeks. You and your kiddo are welcome to join our staff in dressing to theme for the whole month of October! October Newsletter 2022

Managing Mouthing

Mouthing, chewing, and sucking on non-edible objects can become a concerning behavior. Understanding the underlying needs of children who mouth can be the very first step to addressing this with our kiddos. There are many reasons why children engage in mouthing behaviors. Here are some of the most common reasons: Sensory Needs/Self-stimulation  Chewing can help […]

September 2022 Newsletter

  Our September 2022 Parent Newsletter is out now! To download your full copy, click on the link below: September Newsletter

Language Strategies to try at home

Here are 5 strategies to try at home today to encourage language development. For more strategies or questions, reach out to your therapist today!

Speech sound development norms

Speech sound development norms infograph

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy (OT) treatment focuses on helping people with a physical, sensory, or cognitive disability

Screen time in Early Learners


Developmental Coordination Disorder

Parents are the initial evaluators to spot signs and symptoms of DCD in their child before anyone else.

Phono Processes

Substitution Process: When one sound is substituted by another sound in a systematic fashion Phonological Process Definition Age Example Affrication Fricatives are replaced by affricates 3;0 (Peña-Brooks & Hedge, 2007) [dɔr] -> [jɔr] Alveolarization Non alveolar sound is replaced with an alveolar sound 5;0 (Peña-Brooks & Hedge, 2007) [ʃu] -> [tu] Backing Sounds are substituted […]