Speech sound development norms

Speech sound development norms infograph

Encouraging Language

Encouraging Language Infograph

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy (OT) treatment focuses on helping people with a physical, sensory, or cognitive disability

Screen time in Early Learners


Developmental Coordination Disorder

Parents are the initial evaluators to spot signs and symptoms of DCD in their child before anyone else.

Phono Processes

Substitution Process: When one sound is substituted by another sound in a systematic fashion Phonological Process Definition Age Example Affrication Fricatives are replaced by affricates 3;0 (Peña-Brooks & Hedge, 2007) [dɔr] -> [jɔr] Alveolarization Non alveolar sound is replaced with an alveolar sound 5;0 (Peña-Brooks & Hedge, 2007) [ʃu] -> [tu] Backing Sounds are substituted […]

SLP Milestones

What should my child be able to do? Hearing and Understanding Talking Birth-3 Months Startles to loud sounds. Quiets or smiles when spoken to. Seems to recognize your voice and quiets if crying. Increases or decreases sucking behavior in response to sound. Birth-3 Months Makes pleasure sounds (cooing, gooing). Cries differently for different needs. Smiles […]

Bilingualism in Young Children: Separating Fact from Fiction

Note: “bilingual” refers to someone who speaks two languages; “monolingual” refers to someone who speaks one language The Facts: What We Know About Bilingualism Our world is becoming increasingly multilingual. Consider some of the following statistics: In Canada…. 11.9 % of the population speaks a language other than English or French at home (1). In […]

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

About AAC You may have seen someone write in a notebook to answer a question. Maybe you have seen people using sign language or other gestures. You may have seen someone push buttons on a computer that speaks for them. These are all forms of augmentative and alternative communication, or AAC. AAC includes all of the ways we share […]

Age-Appropriate Speech and Language Milestones

The ability to hear is essential for proper speech and language development. Hearing problems may be suspected in children who are not responding to sounds or who are not developing their language skills appropriately. The following are some age-related guidelines that may help to decide if your child is experiencing hearing problems. It is important […]

Early Intervention

What Is Early Intervention? Children grow and develop at their own rate. Although some children walk and talk early, others may be delayed in learning certain skills. If you have any concerns about your child’s development, the earlier you seek help, the better. Early intervention is for children ages birth to 3 and their families. […]